Premium experience, no monthly fee

Our app is and always will be completely free with no catch or upsell. There's no advertizing. We never use tracking or collect information about you, your environment, or what you watch. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

Why? Because we wanted to provide our families the easist to use app without all the distractions of ads or upsells. We only wanted the easiest and best way to watch all our movies and never have to worry about losing or damaging discs.

We hope you enjoy our app! If you have an ideas or suggestions, feel free to leave feedback or ideas in the settings page within the app, we really appreciate it!


I just want to play a DVD! Why can't this play them?

The biggest reason is that DVD playing software requires royalty payments and we can't afford that while giving ours away for free. The amount is secret but it's always there, either in the price of the computer or the operating system. Most operating systems today do not come with DVD support so you will have to find an alternative.

There is one such free alternative, VLC media player.

Do you have a version for iPad?

Sorry, only Windows and Windows Phone at this time. Let us know what devices you want us to support in the feedback page in the app